Readington Trail Association (RTA) is a qualified 501(c)3 organization with the goal of preserving the rural atmosphere of Readington through establishing and maintaining many miles of beautiful trails throughout theTownship. In addition to trail work, RTA works within the community to support essential/emergency services and educate members and others about equine health, safety and emergency procedures.

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Hunterdon County Parks and Open Space
Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan for Hunterdon County Parks and Open Space is under development.  All were invited to attend  focus groups as part of the needs assessment in early May.  Click Here for a Public Engagement Summary.


 We will be pushing our spring event back to the fall.  Please stay tuned for additional details!

Upcoming Spring Rides & Events:

May 15-Alexandria Trail Pace More>>
May 22-  Rutgers Science Center Benefit Pace at Lord Stirling More>>
May 22-
Colts Neck Huber Woods Pace More>>
June 4- Horseshoe Bend Park Benefit Ride  More>>
June 5-Monmouth County Hunt Pace  More>
June 12- Amwell Valley Hounds Pace More>>
June 12- Colts Neck Thompson Park  More>>

Save the Date!  Tewksbury Barn Tour- July 17, 2016!  Stay Tuned for Details!


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2015-2016 Trail News
 The power company has put up post and rail fencing under the power lines at various locations to deter non-authorized motor vehicles.  There are pass-through and go-rounds in the fence for hikers and horseback riders.

Portions of Cole Rd Greenway East  (Tower field) have been leased out to the Profeta Farm for organic hay production.  Expect to see tilling, ploughing and seeding of the soil.  There is room for 1 trailer to back in and park under the tower.  We are working out alternative parking locations.

The retention basic section of the Lachenmayr Trail is now cleared and open.   The remainder of the trail is also open.   The broken culvert has been replaced, and the washed out culvert has been shored up.

The River Trail and River Adventure Adventure Trail are now cleared and open, up to the river crossing by the whirlpool.  We had to create some work-arounds on the trail so it is now marked with pink ribbon.

Check out the newly improved stream crossing on Cole Rd Greenway West, behind the Kowal's property!

Round Mountain White Trail that goes up the mountain off CR 629 in Stanton is cleared and open!

Pickell Park Trails are cleared and open.

If you come across sections of trail that need clearing or repair, please let us know by shooting an email  to ccroton@yahoo.com

         News Archives & Photos 

Meetings are generally held on the second Monday of the month.  The May meeting will be held on the 3rd Monday of the month.

Next Meeting:
 May 16 at Crazy Horse Farm.  6:30 pm for food,  meeting to start at 7:00 pm.  

2016 Monthly Meeting Schedule:
January 11- Farrier Demo
February 8
May 16
June 13
August 8- Demo TBA
September 12
October 10
November 14- Demo TBA
December 12

Meeting Minutes:
New!  February 2016 minutes have been posted.  Please login to the Members Only Page.  User Name if prompted is RTA

Trail Clearings:  

Carrie Croton has kindly volunteered to be our new trail coordinator, replacing Andy Ailleo who will be spending more time on RTA merchandising.  Thank you Andy for a job well done.   Please email Carrie your trail clearing hours.  Also, let her know if you need help clearing any trails, and she will make arrangements to get a team together to get it done. Carrie’s email is ccroton@yahoo.com

RTA hits the 1000 hour mark for trail clearing in August 2012!!!